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Study Russian Online

Online studying is getting more and more popular among modern and active people in our dynamic time.

It is a convenient and cost-effective way to get acquainted with Russian, improve it, or master it in the comfort of your home or office at convenient times.

Study Russian on-line is the easiest now than ever before at Rusсhool «Так держать!».

We offer opportunities which you cannot find at any other school.

What will you have with us?

You have your personal tutor for Russian Online Lessons.

Your group and individual Program outlines have been composed.

Lesson’s materials have been already selected and compiled.

Vocabulary is based on your requirements and preferences.

Schedule is flexible that means you choose the time, you choose the day and how often you want a lesson.

According to your wishes for extra-curricular education we have designed Russian Speaking Club, Russian Cooking Club and Streetwise Russian course.

Do you want to share news? Here we have Discussion Board.

In case you want to talk we can offer Chat Room.

Take your chance to watch recorded video-tutorials prepared for each stage of learning Russian language.

Dive into the exciting world of Russian books or try Bilingual trip in our library where also you can have a look at the Grammar’s shelf.

Do not miss the latest news in our News Box.

Check yourself at the Test Time block.

Get acquainted with our teachers at the Teacher’s Profile Room.

Enjoy Russian lessons and study Russian online with us!

 Ruschool - Russian Online School! 


Why do you need to study Russian? Are you still doubting?

To know another language is to possess another soul. And as many consider Russian soul is the deepest in the world. You never know what to expect from these people. You should better learn them.

Russian is an official or work language of the line of international organizations. Russian companies play an important role in forming international economic situation. Most business opportunities are opened now in international corporations for those who can speak Russian. These companies are always looking for people who are at ease in foreign settings especially if they cooperate with Russia.

300 millions of people all over the world speak Russian. In addition, if you are habitual traveler Russian is must to be known.

Russian is a very important language that exists more than 1000 years. There is Science, Business, Education and many other outstanding fields that you can reach in Russian.

Russian language takes second place in Internet searching according to the W3Techs research (dated on March 2013).

Study Russian because it is one of the most translated languages in the world.



On-line study nowadays takes the leading role in the world’s process of education.

On-line learning keeps you focusing on the things you need by making them easy.

You are independent to organize your day and free to choose time for studying.

On-line sessions are more advantageous comparing to standard classes as far as you are at the place you want to be and feel comfort in.



School to be chosen is one of the most important things that can assist you in learning language.

School can make either good impression by providing effective program and qualified specialists or bad impressions by taking money and showing nothing as a result.

We offer innovative and effective programs in learning Russian language.

You will get the opportunity to study Russian culture and Russian language in a short time.

Our programs contain specific personalized techniques that are gained to mastering Russian language in a fast and interesting way.

We use the newest technologies such as Skype, Google Drive, virtual classrooms to optimize study process and help our students to approach the successful results in learning Russian considering their personal attitude and abilities to absorb information.

We do our best to support you on the road of study Russian language on a distance!