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Our School

Ruschool «Так держать!» is the first biggest interactive online school which affords education quality assurance in study Russian online by means of the Internet sources.
«Так держать!» originally comes from the sea command which means to keep the chosen course.

Figuratively speaking, «так держать» means approval and praise on interlocutor for his achievement and progress.

Our school uses number of all available programs and software to ease your way in study Russian on a distance.
We use both Skype and virtual classrooms to conduct Russian online lessons and also GoogleDrive to share materials from teacher to a student.
Now you don’t need to install any programs, you just click the link and in a moment you are  at Russian online lesson.
Our teachers are happy to welcome everyone.

Our Team

We are professional team of highly-skillful specialists in the field of teaching Russian as foreign language.

Our line-up is consisted of experienced and open-minded teachers that are capable to understand individual needs and preferences of our students.

We successfully apply what you need and what you are interested in to Russian online lessons making the studying fun and interesting.

Our linguists are trained to detect the strongest abilities of our students to learn a foreign language and efficiently use it for reaching the progress in teaching Russian language online.


Our Assignment

Our assignment is to provide all possible support in study Russian online within discovery the world of people speaking Russian.

We do our best to select the most efficient Russian language programs from beginners to advanced to inspire you in study Russian online by easy and intensive way.

We have achieved impressive success with our Russian language students because of our personalized approach to  study Russian online.


Russian Online Courses

We help our students to make study Russian language more suitable to their needs therefore they can feel more confident about things they have to learn and they will know.

Working out the number of Russian language educational materials we have created our own unique courses and can boast both about their efficiency and high recommendations got from those who have tried it already. 

Within our Russian online courses we promote better understanding between cultures and mentality which is necessary to achieve success in study Russian language online as well as full immersion into Russian.

We teach not the words but the ways to express emotions, ideas, likes or dislikes within these words.


Russian Online Lessons

Our Russian online lessons are positively tuned and supported by full immersion into the language.

You feel comfort and ease in communication with us.

The atmosphere during the class disposes to both casual chat and overcoming the language barrier that is one of the most considerable problems when you start to go to oral practice by using new language.

Full immersion furthers better to memorize new words and phrases as well as perceive communicative situations at the natives’ level.

Our Russian online lessons are filled with interesting cultural facts that one must know to understand words and phrases specific for Russian mentality as well as to accept grammar that is also based on the way of Russian people thinking.

Your teacher is always ready to assist you in any issue you can have at the sessions.

We believe you will decide to join us on this road to success!